Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mupen64Plus v1.4 released June 14th

We released Mupen64Plus v1.4 on Saturday night. The code in the trunk had been pretty stable for some time, as we had mostly been applying fixes and no big merges. Since I know people are waiting for the new version, I decided that instead of doing release candidates and drawing out a final release by a couple more weeks, I would tag the trunk as 1.4 and make a branch to do minor versions (1.4.1, etc) if any major problems are found.

For those who haven't followed the development, some of the new features in 1.4 which weren't present in 1.3 include:
  • Graphical debugger for R4300 core (build with 'make DBG=1')
  • On Screen Display for savestate, volume, speed messages
  • KDE4 GUI (experimental, compile from source)
  • Cheat system with Gameshark codes
  • Rumble Pack / Force Feedback support
  • Change emulator speed in 5% increments, with smooth sound playback
  • Volume up/down
  • Dozens of other improvements and bug fixes: GUI, Input, Sound enhancements
My next item of business is to merge Tillin9's Rom Cache System branch into the trunk. He's done a lot of work in writing this, which will be the first major new feature of 1.5. We hope to release again in the 2-3 month time frame, which will be late august to early september. It'll be the back-to-school mupen64plus release. The RCS will be a nice GUI improvement to start out this release cycle.


Ufa said...

Keep up the excellent work! :)

Gerahrd PICCORO McKAY Lenz said...

awesome, i download and compile with traditional, but a kde3 port please?

repositories packages for debian are now broken, due new version (also a hd problem.. X(

see google mupen64plus for info

MCKAY Brothers said...

theres and new debian packages of mupen64plus, in files section of googlegroups of mupen64, also repository its now available, with a lot of packages, ifo now here

VENENUX McKAY piccoro packages repository!

VENENUX oficial repository!

McKAY Debian issues and emulators!

Tuxie said...

Any news on 1.5? I use Mupen64+ almost every day to play Majora's Mask and I love it!

One (two?) things I'd love to see is a "save state and exit" function configurable to a gamepad keypress, and "start rom file and load its last saved state" option. Maybe it's possible already? I admit I haven't looked that far...

MCKAY Brothers said...

i heard that mupen64plus 1.5 is close, stay waithing..

in mckay emu and venenux repository are packages for mupen64plus and all plugins, including alsa sound (very rare!)..

Mupen64plus info and repository

Erik said...

Hey! Sorry to leave this here, but EmuTalk seems to be unwilling to let me log in.

For the glN64 licensing question, what matters is not strictly a legal perspective, but Debian-legal. :) Since Orkin licensed glN64 to the Arachnoid devs under the GPL (or some compatible license) you should be fine porting and improve the Arachnoid plugin and/or using the version of the glN64 code that he licensed to them.

Using glN64 code that didn't make it into Arachnoid is legally dubious. If it were purely a legal question, you'd probably be fine - the original author is incommunicado, he probably won't complain. But that's not good enough for Debian, so you'll have to work from the Arachnoid code. Hope that helps!