Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting ready for Mupen64Plus 1.4

As we round the end of the month, we approach a new release. Mupen64Plus 1.4 RC1 should be expected to release in the next few weeks. We are finishing up a few of our side branches, and going to make a merge shortly. Well what can you expect in this new release? There is really to much list! I will briefly go over a few things with you guys:

New compatibility setting: Disable Expansion Pack
On Screen Display Capability (Great for fullscreen)
Severe GUI Speedups, and numerous bug fixes.
Numerous improvements to the sound plugin, input plugin, and video plugins.
More games boot and play (But this was not this releases focus)
Fixed numerous bugs in the core.

As we do our final release we will go indepth with the change log. Stay tuned to our homepage, and emutalk for the RC 1.4 release.


ebenblues said...

Don't forget about implementation of GameShark cheat codes. :-)

rhy said...

Awesome! I'm using the Linux version AND the Windows version on my machine. Really looking forward to the new version, and having high res textures AND rumble support. Way to go guys!

okaygo said...

Was Gameshark post 1.3, wow it's been so long. We need to rewrite parts of the gameshark though, it still works great.

Clément said...

Oh god, Mupen64 being worked on again, one of the best things that have happened in a long time... :D

Ufa said...

Man, you guys rock!!!
Thx for the excellent work in revive the glourious Mupen64! You save the month!