Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mupen64Plus - Development Diary

We started this blog so that we could reach more of the public, show a little bit of eye-candy, and showcase our work. This blog will be used for showing off some new features, posting about breakthroughs, and giving a general update to our user base. This blog will not be used for discussing technical details, support, or feedback. Also if the blog does not work out as we wanted it to, we reserve the right to scrap it at any time. However user comments are welcome, and we will try to give an update at least once a week.

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Gerahrd PICCORO McKAY Lenz said...

updates once a week, umm there a few update missin so!

mupen64 is continuin on mupen64plus?

i wish to provide help, packagin, for debien users binariesof mupen64plus,

we have a emulation debian related blog : Mupen 64 for sarge and etch! and many plugings x86 and amd64 this entry are still on updates

but packages are fully funtional and downloads will be soon on repositories here :
deb http://triviazus.com/venenux/vnzpacks/ /etch